Hoyt - Formula Prodigy XT 27" Riser


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The Hoyt Formula Prodigy XT recurve riser, is designed and engineered to be the most adjustable, most tunable, most dominating recurve risers in the history of archery.  

With Hoyt's pioneering techology, the all new, patent pending *Pro Series Limb adjustment dowels were engineered.  Vertatune clicker plates along with proven, winning geometry, the Prodigy Series risers are super-accurate and super-adjustable making this riser as personal as possible to the needs of the individual archer. Dynamic flex control and a new pocket system reduce riser vibration, all while maintaining the optimal weight and balance shooters love. Prodigy Series: redefining recurve risers forever.  

*The revolutionary, patent-pending Pro Series Limb Adjustment Dowels feature Hoyt’s standard left and right adjustability and now a new Independent Limb Tuning Technology allows for micro adjustments to the limbs ensuring they always stay centered and balanced throughout the draw cycle. Each Prodigy Series riser comes with 3 machined aluminium Vertatune clicker plates for a low, medium and high rest/plunger position. This technology allows for 6mm of overall adjustment for fine tuning to your preference and setup.


  • Hoyt’s lightest recurve risers
  • Pro Series Limb Adjustment Dowels
  • Veratune clicker plates
  • 25” or 27" options
  • Tec platform for increase stability and rigidity
  • Hoyt TEC Flex-Tuned Deflex Geometry 

Mass weight

  • Prodigy XT 25":  2.7 lbs / 1,224 grams
  • Prodigy XT 27: 2.9 lbs / 1,315 grams

Available limb options

  • Formula Carbon Quattro
  • Formula Carbon 720
  • Formula Carbon ACE
  • Formula Excel

Box shows signs of damage as this riser was sent out to a customer and returned back to us, in what appears to be an unused condition.

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Hoyt - Formula Prodigy XT 27" Riser

Hoyt - Formula Prodigy XT 27" Riser

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