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Ameristep - Care Taker™ Blind

Ameristep - Care Taker F/R Blind

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  • Model:
  • 115821 1000
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Ameristep - Care Taker F/R Blind

The Durashell™ Plus fabric shell is durable yet lightweight, with an interior coating of ShadowGuard™ to eliminate shadows and silhouettes.

The Spider Hub® frame does more than just simplify setup and takedown; it also provides a sturdy, dependable structure that can weather the elements. Throw in a system of shoot-through mesh windows, and you can bet the Care Taker will take care of you.

  • Pack Size 2" x 24"
  • Height 66"
  • Weight 13.5 lbs.
  • Window Openings 9
  • Window System Silent toggles
  • Shell Fabric Durashell™ Plus
  • Footprint 60" x 60"
  • Shooting Width 60"