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Antur - Artus Take Down Recurve Black/Cherry

Antur - Artus Take Down Recurve Black/Cherry

  • Model:
  • 117028

Artus is ideally suited for a very long excerpt and fulfils all requirements to be admitted as a tournament bow. Due to the most exact manufacturing technology, the Artus centrepieces and limbs perfectly fit together and can be combined with each other.



Antur - Artus Take-Down Recurve Black/Cherry

The fast-paced Take Down Recurve Artus Black / Cherry is a bow in a classic design. It impresses with powerful performance and particularly smooth shot behaviour.

The Artus sturdy centrepiece consists of ecologically friendly Gaboon ebony replica with a cherry and light birch trim. It ensures optimal shooting peace and perfect alignment of the bow. Thanks to 3-point fixation, it is absolutely torsion-proof.


Key Features:

  • Take Down Recurve 
  • Handle is made from Gaboon ebony replica
  • Throwing arm laminate: black glass
  • no arrow weight required
  • Strong middle piece for optimal shooting silence as well as perfect alignment and torsion-proof thanks to 3-point fixation
  • 100% bows from Austria
  • 20 year warranty

Technical Specifications:

  • Length: 64"
  • Brace Height: 7.5"-8" 
  • String FastFlight