Keep Archery Going in Sweden


Now, on the last stretch of these unusual times, we need more than ever to keep positive and focused on what's important. We have asked our sponsored archers to share their experiences and to be, once more, an inspiration for all of us.

Read below a sample of Swedish optimism and resilience, a message sent by our Silver Pro Staff, Wayne Roodt.

"I believe in our lives we go through the normal ups and downs. Look at me, in one year I've lost three family members, and in the beginning, 19 Jan 2020 - my mom, the one I chose to dedicate my success to. It's hard to recover from something like that, because who do I shoot now for? 


With Covid 19, I decided to practice more, now that there is not a lot of competitions. So how and what do I do when I'm training now, what do I do different? 

1. I first started to focus on the discipline I struggle the most in, indoor archery. Which - I've learned now - is all about the setup of your equipment.
2. I still shoot my scoring rounds, just like when competing and I'll follow it up with an elimination round where I shoot against one top archer in the world, one archer I believe in and honour his dedication, Mike Schloesser. 
When I come to my last three arrows of the elimination round I'll start putting pressure on myself by hearing the commentator announcing: "We are equal and it will all come down to the last arrow." Then on the last arrow I hear how Schloezer's supporters cheering him to win and I know I need to shoot a 10 to equal, so we can go to sudden death. 


Sometimes I fail, but sometimes I get to shoot in the sudden death. Its great fun and it takes a lot of time, but I know when the day comes - I'll be ready. 

Due to this type of training, I've managed to shoot in practice a score of 300 on a WA Indoor target face and shoot an elimination round of 150.

I'm relaxed, feeling confident and I'm working everyday to become the best, and I'm not stopping until I do. 

We had one indoor event in 2020 and one 3D event, and with the way I'm practicing I've managed to shoot a 1st place Indoor round of 582 and 3rd place among the top 5 best 3D archers in Sweden, and I'm proud of it."


Thank you, Wayne!




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