Prime - Centergy X-1 36 Compound Bow

Prime - Centergy X-1 36 Compound Bow

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Prime - Centergy X-1 36 Compound Bow

The all-new Prime Centergy X1 features a centre balanced targeting system and smart riser technology that delivers a super easy to tune and amazingly accurate competition bow.

Gets you on target fast with less pin movement. Also featured on the X1 is the all new X Grip, an offset grip designed to remove added torque created by the shooter and stabiliser weights.

Key features:

Torque reducing grip position.
Easy tune design.
Grip placed centrally in the vertical plane of the bow, to hugely alter the balance of the bow above and below the grip and give radically improved aim.
Design hugely reduces pin movement keeping you steadier on the target.
Changed weight distribution, with more weight of the bow below the grip, making the bow easier to control.


Technical Specifications:

  • Draw Length: 24.5?-30? (36)
  • Brace Height: 6.9? (36) 
  • Mass Weight: 4.2 (36)
  • Draw weight: 40, 50, 60, 70 Lbs
  • IBO Speed: 315fps