Tru Ball - String Silencer Spyder - 4 per Pack

Tru Ball - String Silencer Spyder - 4 per Pack

  • Model:
  • 104760 1000
  • EAN::
  • 611254610060

Minimum - 4 pcs

2.99 2.69
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Tru Ball - String Silencer Spyder

Aims to solve the three major issues of everyday shooting, simultaneously with its innovative spider shaped design. 

Increases the speed of your shot, and can help you gain up to 15fps. 

Reduces the vibration after your shot, helping to protect your bow and string from damage.  

Silences noise by up to 3dbs making each and every shot more enjoyable and smooth. 

From beginners to advanced, from casual to serious archers.

Pack includes 4 Spyders, and a piece of string serving for easy installation.