AAE - TRAD Vanes (50 pcs)

AAE - TRAD Vanes

  • Manufacturer:
  • AAE
  • Model:
  • 117020

Minimum - 50 pcs

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AAE - TRAD Vanes (50 pcs)

AAE teamed up with accomplished outdoorsman and Traditional archer Aron Snyder to create the first ever Traditional archery vane that can be shot off the shelf while maintaining the same flight characteristics and impact point they are accustomed to with feathers.

The new AAE TRAD vane allows Traditional archers the confidence to shoot a vane with the security of knowing wet or inclement weather will require ZERO maintenance or prep of their arrows resulting in longer and more successful hunts in the field.

The TRAD vane is made from AAE's proprietary "Lick and Stick" Plastifletch material for quick and easy fletching at home or in the field with no vane prep needed as the TRAD vane comes with a factory applied activator.

Key features:
• Developed specifically for off the shelf shooting.
• Replicates flight characteristic of natural feathers.
• Longer-lasting alternative to natural feathers.
• No-prep fletching with activator already applied.
• Range of sizes available to suit different shafts and shooting situations.


Technical specifications:

  • Material: Plastic
  • Shape: Parabolic
  • Length: 3", 4" or 5"