Alpen - Tripod Binocular Adapter 153 (Black)

Alpen - Tripod Binocular Adapter 153 (Black)

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  • dep-111210
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Alpen - Tripod Binocular Adapter (Black)

This useful Binocular Tripod Adapter from Alpen attaches to the center hinge of most high quality Binocular Accessories, allowing you to mount them to any tripod equipped with a standard mounting bolt.

A must for vibration-free viewing, Alpen Binocular adapter conveniently sets your hands free for other tasks while observing.

Features of Alpen 153 Binocular Tripod Adaptor:

  • Solid and Sturdy
  • Fits most Binoculars equipped with adapter screws
  • To be used with Tripods or Windows Mounts
  • Model; #153
  • Product is Black and not as in main picture.