Arc Systeme - O'Block V-Bar QD

Arc Systeme - O'Block V-Bar QD

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O'BLOCK is a unique instrument in the world, playful, effective and beautiful. This is the dedicated steering system for GRAVITY By AS stabilisation.

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Arc Systeme - O'Block V-Bar QD

O'BLOCK is a unique instrument in the world, playful, effective and beautiful.

This is the dedicated steering system for GRAVITY By AS stabilisation. Together, they make up the most complete, most advanced and most powerful instrument of stability of our French brand.

The concept was to be able to adjust the balance and the verticality of the arc, as well as its dynamic reactions, without disassembly, without key of tightening, without laying the bow, in situation of shooting and in perfect confidence.

The Quick-Lock horns of the stabilisers are mounted on the O'BLOCK ball joints. The tilt and the opening of your stabilisers will be customisable in any place and any time. Ultra simple to use, you will control the friction to release, adjust or block the balancing segments of your bow.

Machined in 7075 aluminium, robust and noble, the body accommodates polished stainless steel ball joints. Real technical challenge, the quality of assembly is irreproachable, the control of the games is worthy of the highest level of requirement. Handling becomes child's play for the expertise of a complex and rigorous world: the stability of the bow.

The central segment tilts from 0 ° to 15 ° vertically, and 2.5 ° laterally.

Vertically, depending on the geometry of your bow grip, depending on your shooting style and arc settings, you will choose to draw a centre segment at 0 °, neutral, or lower the centre of gravity of the arc to 15 °. °. Maybe it's the in-between that will suit you? You can feel it for yourself.

Laterally, following the let-off * assigned to your bow, the physical stresses you apply to your bow grip, the bow will work in a significantly different alignment than the original while it is armed. The central segment is then outside the centre of thrust of the arc. You will correct this by the 0 to 2.5 ° orientation to the left or right of the firing axis. The masses will then fully play their beneficial role in controlling vibrations.

The lateral segment or segments are fixed in the middle of the handle ("Mitral") or at the bottom of the handle ("Batéral").

The lateral ball is fixed on a removable support called "slider". It slips on the main ball body, or on a Batéral mounting stud fixed at the bottom of the handle.

  • Vertically, the lateral segment is mobile over 360 °.
  • Laterally, the opening is flanged from 0 ° to 45 °.
  • The slide is oriented circularly around the main body or the Batéral pad to reach lateral openings greater than 45 °.

O'BLOCK does not have graduations, because there is no fixed adjustment of the stabilisation. Each FITA field, each course target, in various weather and physical conditions, depending on the evolution of your bow settings, has its own bow balance, its own dynamics. You will find yours without a key!