Axcel - TriLock™ Adjustable V-Bar Mount

Axcel - QD CenterLock with Barrel Nut

  • Model:
  • 117193
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Axcel - QD CenterLock with Barrel Nut

  • Attach and remove your stabiliser quickly for transport and easy storage.
  • The Patent Pending CenterLock Quick Disconnect keeps the stabiliser bar centred and more secure.
  • Requires 1-full turn counterclockwise of the stabiliser bar to remove.
  • Internal nut mounts flush with the quick disconnect for better visual appeal.
  • Align stabiliser rod logo right side up without fear of the stabiliser falling out, should it become slightly loose.
  • Available in 0˚, 8˚ down offset, and 16˚ down offset options.
  • Lessen wear on the threads of your bow riser.
  • 5/16”-24 Stainless Steel Hardware.