Beiter - .165/2 Insert Nocks

Beiter - .165/2 Insert Nocks

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Beiter - .165/2 Insert Nocks (25 pcs)

Beiter Nocks are precise and constant, as these are manufactured from one single mould!

Beiter Nocks of the 12series for Uni-Bushings have a .166″ (4,24mm) fit : therefor for Easton shafts !

But there are many more manufacturers offering small diameter shafts, but with a .165″ (4,20mm) fit.

Among others Victory, Black Eagle, Gold Tip,  Win&Win, Fivics usw..

Therefore we developed this new nock, available in asymmetric #1 and #2 but also symmetric Hunter.

At the moment these colours are available: #10 Fl. Red, #20 Fl. Green, #30 Fl. Orange, #61 Black, #71 White.