Beiter - 2021 Hunter Symmetric Pin Nocks

Beiter - 2021 Hunter Symmetric Pin Nocks

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Minimum - 12 pcs

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Beiter - 2021 Hunter Symmetric  Pin Nocks  (12 pcs)

The Beiter hunter pin nock is SYMMETRIC. The Beiter hunter pin nock has been designed mainly for Compound archers, using a D-Loop on their string, being the only real symmteric way of shooting in archery. Some features of Beiter hunter pin nocks, that differs them from nocks of other manufacturers:

  • Pin nock design will fit pin bushings of all known types
  • Each nock has only one single mould for the tightest tolerances and the highest precision
  • Nock grove shaped to prevent pinching the string for a consistent release
  • Simple to install with an easy push-fit design
  • Symmetrical design ideal for use when shooting with a D-loop

The Beiter Pin-Nock is available in the SYMMETRIC version, for Compound archers using a D-Loop. Pay attention that the Beiter Logo should face on top of the nock while shooting!