Beiter - String Separator Tool (2x pcs)

Beiter - String Separator Tool

  • Model:
  • 101428 1000
  • EAN::
  • 8717974278138

Minimum - 2 pcs

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Beiter -  String Separator Tool

Multi-Purpose-Tool for many different tasks, not just for working on your strings.

Sold in pairs because you can and should use it as a pair.

With the Beiter String-Tool you can easily count the strands in your string and properly install your Peep-Sight. After you have pushed the first String-Tool through the string, you can count the single strands by inserting them into the grooves on the Tool.

To be able to install the Peep-Sight easier, you can use the second Beiter String-Tool generating a bigger working-window.