Beiter - V-Box 1 oz Weight Set

Beiter - V-Box 1 oz Weight Set

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Minimum - 4 pcs

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Beiter - V-Box 1 oz Weight Set (4x Pack)

Where should, or can, the weight be attached?
Weights can be attached in front of and behind the Beiter V-BOX. An optimal set up will involve placing weights
both sides of the V-BOX. #5 and #7 membranes can support max. 10 oz in front of the V-Box.

Attention: the #1 membrane supports max. 5 oz.

The weight of the Beiter V-BOX unit is 1.75 oz - 49grams). As an example at a total weight of 16 ounces, the weight could be distributed like this: 2 x 3 oz weights and 1 x 1oz weight in front of the V-Box and 3x 3 oz weights behind.

If you want to shoot a lower stabiliser weight, the distribution of the weights can be adjusted by using the spacers. Due to the lever effect, shifting the weights forward on the screw changes weight distribution and dampening, achieving the desired balance with less weight than usual! Thanks to the combination of weights, washers and membranes in 4 different stiffnesses, innumerable different settings and options are