Black Eagle - Deep Impact Crested .001" Carbon Arrows (6x pcs)

Black Eagle - .003" Deep Impact Crested Carbon Arrows

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Black Eagle - Deep Impact Crested Arrows 

The name says it all. This incredibly light and strong micro-diameter shaft was developed using cutting-edge carbon manufacturing techniques. This shaft uses fine-tuned spine to weight ratios to maximise speed, kinetic energy, penetration, and also to provide the flattest trajectory possible.

Fletched arrows include:

  • Black Eagle Arrows Micro-Nock - 8 Grains
  • Bohning Blazer Vanes- 18 Grains
  • Black Eagle Arrows Black Anodised Outserts
  • Required: Points not included


  • .003” Straightness
  • ± 1 Grain weight tolerance
  • 32" Shaft length