Black Eagle - Instinct .005" Carbon Shafts (12x pcs)

Black Eagle - Instinct .005" Carbon Shafts

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  • 115394

Minimum - 12 pcs

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Black Eagle - Instinct .005" Carbon Shafts

Designed to be more shootable, the Micro-Diameter size helps to offset the off-centre design of most recurve and longbow risers made today. We also coupled the Instinct® with our SUPER TOUGH Stainless Steel outserts, that weigh 100 grains, so you can have the weight up front where you want it.

We feel that traditional archers should no longer have to use traditional arrows. Test your Instincts® and experience the Black Eagle difference today!

Available in (spine/GPI):

  • 600/7.9gpi,
  • 500/8.8gpi,
  • 400/9.4gpi, 
  • 350/10.6gpi. 


  • Premium 100% Carbon
  • Duracoat Wood Grain
  • .005 Straightness or Better
  • ±1 Grain Weight Tolerance
  • 34" Shaft Length