Black Eagle - X-Impact .001" Carbon Arrows (6x pcs)

Black Eagle - X-Impact .001" Carbon Arrows

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Black Eagle - X-Impact .001" Arrows 

If you’re looking for an arrow that’s bad to the bone, look no further than the X-Impact! We constructed the X-Impact from the highest quality materials to ensure it’s the best nano diameter shaft on the market.

This shaft is made of 100% High-Mod Carbon, which means it’s our lightest shaft available to date; this allows for more point weight up front, equating to better flight characteristics and long range pin-point accuracy.

It’s perfect for any hunter or target shooter looking for the highest quality long-range carbon arrow.

Fletched Arrows include:

  • Black Eagle Arrows Micro-Nock Orange- 8 Grains
  • Bohning Blazer Vanes | White, Orange - 18 Grains
  • Black Eagle Arrows Black Anodized Outserts
  • Required: Points not included

Technical specifications:

  • Material: Carbon
  • Diameter: 16/64"
  • Grains Per Inch: 8.7
  • Straightness Tolerance: ± .001"
  • Weight Tolerance: ± 1 grain
  • Available Spines: 250-600
  • Uncut length (approx): 32"
  • Included components: Bohning Blazer Vanes and Micro nocks
  • Optimal for: Long range target shooting. Field and WA/ FITA Outdoor.