1st, 2nd and 3rd Axis Sight Levelling

For many archers the dark art of sight levelling has been a taboo subject, as it is seen as a complicated and unnecessary thing to do.
If you are an archer who shoots multiple distances or prefer field archery where you might shoot up and down hills, then levelling your sight maybe one of the most important things to do.

In this basic step by step guide we will show you how to correctly set 1st, 2nd and 3rd axis

Setting First Axis

First axis adjustment is the process of ensuring your sight bar mirrors your string and riser in the vertical plain, so when you hold you bow straight your sight will be as well.

1. First we need to level the bow up in a vice, making sure the bow is both level in the vertical and horizontal plains. This can be done in three ways: by using a spirit level running from top limb to bottom limb; by using a Hamskea Easy 3rd Axis Level situated on a flat part of the riser; or by using a string level. Refer to the picture below:


2. Attach the Hamskea Axis Levelling Tool to your sight bar. At this point we are not interested in the scope so you can remove it if you prefer. Have a look at the picture below:

3. Adjust your sight bar until the bubble on axis level is sitting in the middle. Once this is achieved, lock down the screws.

Well done - your first axis is now set.

Setting Second Axis

Second axis is making sure your scope is perfectly perpendicular to your sight bar; think of it like levelling a shelf directly off your sight bar. If your scope is slightly off the horizontal plane, you will be inducing lean into your bow when you are aiming. This will cause either left or right misses.

Adjusting second axis is relatively simple and only requires loosening a couple of screws. Ensuring your scope is now attached to your sight, we will now set the second axis.

1. Again with the Hamskea Easy 3rd Axis Level attached to your sight bar, observe the scope bubble.

2. If the scope bubble is off to one side whilst the Hamskea Easy 3rd Axis Level is centred, the scope will require adjustment. Undo locking screws and move the scope housing until scope bubble is level, as in the picture below:

Smart Tip: Be careful when tightening set screws as this can sometimes lead to micro adjustments when tightening. It’s always good to check your axis when you have set it in position.

Setting Third Axis

This does seem to be - perhaps - the most misunderstood aspect of sight levelling. Third axis adjustment and correct positioning is vitally important when shooting up and down hill. There are many factors to take into consideration whilst at full draw - grip, draw length, cable slide - all these have an influence on torque
and may not present themselves until you shoot up and down hills.
Now imagine your scope housing is a door, hinged on the sight bar. 3rd axis will be set so that the hinge is in the optimum position for you when shooting up and down hill. Having a proper third axis adjustment will increase your accuracy when shooting angles.

To set third axis correctly please note that this will have to be done at full draw.

1. Set a plumb line as long as possible.
2. Attach your Hamskea Easy 3rd Axis Level with plumb bar to your sight bar. Take a look at our picture to see how:

3. Draw your bow (with a nocked arrow - we don’t want any mishaps at this stage) and aim at the plumb line making sure the top and bottom of the Hamskea Easy 3rd Axis Level are perfectly in line with the string, like in our picture here:

4. Bend at the waist to an angle of approx. 45deg making sure you maintain a good sight picture and correct vertical levels. 
5. When you are settled, observe your scope bubble: if it sits level in your scope you’re good to go. If your bubble is not level, adjust your third axis until bubble is level. If your bubble is off to the left then bring the scope in towards the bow and if off to the right, move the scope outwards.
6. Repeat the steps above, aiming up and ensure axis is correct.

If you follow these steps you can confidently go and shoot at all distances and angles knowing your sight is level. In this tutorial, we have used Hamskea Easy 3rd Axis Level 

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