2020 Pro Staff Results

The announcement that we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. Thank you to everyone who applied.

Read below about our Pro-Staff members and the bands that we are offering this year. We are very proud to have maintained some of our top archers as well as adding new ones to the list. Here are the details:

TASH Gold Team

We are welcoming this year a new member – Bayley Seargeant who has impressed us not only with her results, but with the overall positive attitude and great commitment to the sport of archery.
Ian Brown has been moved up to the Gold team from the Silver team as a direct results of all his achievements and efforts to promote archery and our shop nationally and internationally.
The Gold team is still proudly maintaining Jim MetcalfeLizzie FosterMichael KellsRobert Guy and Yulia Larkins, with a special mention to the latter for being made part of the ArcheryGB Olympic Ambition Squad.

TASH Silver Team

We are inviting to join the Silver team some very talented archers: Susan AgnewShirley BeddoesCameron DonaldsonLynsey Kelly and Lesley SleightRogan Cunningham and Wayne A. Roodt have been offered a place on our International Silver team.
A very special mention for their 2019 results and efforts to promote archery and TASH goes to Oliver RobinsonEuan Pride and Sinead Byrne. Keep up the good work, the Gold team is just around the corner.

There are a lot of archers that have maintained their place in the Silver team and in the Silver International team – congratulations to all of you and thank you for sharing with us your archery journey.

TASH Bronze Team

Last but not least, another special mention and lots of encouragements for their 2020 results go to our wonderful Bronze team members Jessica PollittJasmine SimpsonMatt WalkerRachael HurleAntonis Katris and Megan Costall. We’re keeping our eyes on you, you have great potential.

For everybody else, thank you for taking the time to send an application and well done for being such an involved archer in 2019. To find out if you have been offered a place in one of our Pro Staff teams, please have a look at the document below.

What’s next?

If you are happy with our offer, please send us a confirmation email at ana@thearcheryshop.co.uk by 30.01.2020. You will then receive the new contract and more information about 2020 Pro Staff Scheme.

Download TASH 2020 Pro-Staff Results

Here for you, as always,

The Archery Shop Team

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