3 Recurve Kits under £200 to Kick Start Your Archery Journey

Thinking of buying your first archery kit?

Hello new archer! You have finished your beginners course but you are not quite ready to commit to something expensive. Or you are a very young archer and you know in a few months you may need a new bow, because you will outgrow this one. Look no further, you are in the right place. Here, at The Archery Shop, we have created a series of bow kits that are hand picked by our specialists and unique on the market.





Black Sheep Apollo Kit

This kit contains the Apollo recurve riser and Apollo limbs that come in a great variety of sizes. The screw fitting wooden handle is threaded for mounting a sight, pressure button or stabilisers if and when you wish. The limbs are designed to fit perfectly in order to build your desired bow. A Cartel Dacron String and Super II plastic arrow rest come to complete the bow. All gets neatly tucked away with the help of Cartel Pro Gold nylon recurve bag that has enough space inside to hold 2 bows and has plenty of pockets for accessories.

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Cartel Fantom Bow Kit

This ILF bow kit features the Cartel Fantom stainless steel riser and Cartel Fantom fibre limbs that will give you a handsome and very customisable bow. The Fantom riser features stainless steel mounting points for stabilisers and dampers and twin mounts for a pressure button. The bow is completed with a Cartel Dacron B50 string, a Cartel X-Pert magnetic rest that is more durable than a plastic one and a Cartel Supra pressure button. You have the option of matching the colour of the rest and button. The Legend Artemis backpack (with arrow tube) comes to complete this incredible good value kit.

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Winners Explore DX Kit

The ILF Explore DX is a bow that can grow with you. Created with great technology in 2019, the Explore DX riser has a stylish design and mounting points for clicker, button (twin), sight and stabilisers. The Explore DX wood and fibre limbs are build for comfort and accuracy. A Shocq Fast Flight string (made of non stretching material) comes to complete the bow. In terms of accessories, the Winners S-RF rest and Winners S-PEL button are the obvious choice for this bow. Everything will fit nicely in the Legend Artemis backpack that has a telescopic arrow tube, a removable riser case and front pockets to fit all your accessories.

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