Mandi Theron – or How It Is to Be an Archer in South Africa

“Who does not want to shoot a bow for a living or tune and setup bows as a day job?”

Her name is Mandi Theron and she is a recurve archer. She was born in South Africa; now she is 30 years old and doing a 7 to 4 job that she enjoys. Originally shooting compound bow, she moved over to recurve last year.

She also started wearing Crossfit in May to get fit for shooting; Mandi says:
“It strengthens the core and shoulders and just gets you fit over all. I also discovered that Crossfit shoes are amazing to shoot in as they are flat and stable”. She loves to shoot her bow over the weekend and some afternoons. The passion for archery led her to achieve great results in competitions as well. What’s her secret?

TASH: What does archery represent for you?

M.T.: Archery is a skill, art and sport. It’s relaxing and keeping focus, while having fun.

TASH: How do you balance life and archery?

M.T.: Archery takes time and a lot of practice to perfect. I don’t have all day to shoot, so imagining the shot process while you drink coffee or listen to the radio can help. Till you get time to practice the actual shot.

TASH: Last year you started with your recurve bow, what were you shooting before? Was it hard to change?

M.T.: I shot compound for just over a year before I started with the recurve bow. Recurve bows are just better, more fun and it looks just so cool. Compound bows are more technology based whereas recurve is more technique.

Here is what Mandi told us she is shooting:

TASH: Is archery a popular sport in South Africa?

M.T.: South Africa is known for Rugby and Cricket, not for Archery. The sport is picking up and we have a program to encourage it more in schools. But no it is not so popular.

TASH: You just won bronze at the Greater Gauteng IFAA Spring Champs and silver at the North West IFAA Champs, what is your next goal?

M.T.: My next goal is to get Provincial and National Colours for the Indoor division and working hard on placing good at the 2020 South African National Target Championships (720 round).

We wish her good luck.

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