Resistance Release Aids – A Quick Review

By Bayley Sargeant

To follow on from my previous article, I will now do a quick review of 3 popular resistance release aid models.


Carter Evolution

The Carter Evolution might be the most well known resistance release aid out there. One great point about this release aid is the fact that it comes in different configurations. There is the standard Evolution model that can be compared to a “large” release aid – available in both 3 and 4 finger versions. Additionally, the Evolution Mini is the small version and it is also available in either a 3 or 4 finger model.  There really is an option that will fit you and the simple design is very comfortable in the hand. Simplicity also means stability; not only in your anchor, but also in how the mechanism works. Sometimes simple is better, and in this case, it is exactly that. The tension screw is very simple to operate and has great fine adjustment so you can get your tension ratio spot on. It is easy to operate too – you only need to press the jaw closed and draw back holding the safety peg. The jaw cannot be reset on this release aid however, but that does not affect its use in tournaments. It is a very straightforward, sturdy, and smooth release aid - that is perfect for anyone who is wanting to start using the resistance style.  

Here is the full range:

Carter - Evolution 20 Release Aid

Carter - Evolution Plus Release Aid

Carter - Evolution Too 3-Finger Release Aid

Carter - Evolution Too 4-Finger Release Aid

Carter - Mini Evolution Plus Release Aid


Carter Attraction

The Carter Attraction is perhaps less well known. It works opposite to other resistance release aids. It is operated by locking the jaw, then drawing back with your thumb off the peg. Once anchored, press the peg down and hold it whilst pushing and pulling to activate it. This is a great style release aid for those who like to draw up without holding down a thumb peg. It offers the same fine tuning and simplicity as the Evolution, meaning it is very sturdy and reliable. Furthermore, you can reset the jaw on this release aid – you only need to squeeze both pegs down at the same time and the jaw will release itself. The Attraction is available in Large and Small, 3 or 4 fingers in both, but this release aid is quite a bit chunkier than most. It may be a bit too large for younger juniors (the Evolution may be a better fit here), but still worth a try! 

You can find the Carter Attraction here.


Stan PerfeX Resistance

The Stan PerfeX Resistance is the counterpart to the Stan PerfeX Trigger. It is built with the adjustable finger attachments like many other modern release aids. This offers a great range of flexibility and is perfect for finding optimum comfort. What is also great about this is that you can swap around between the 3 and 4 finger attachments without having to buy a whole new release aid! Additionally, the PerfeX Resistance comes in 4 different sizes. It ranges from small to extra-large. I do feel the sizes have been miss-named however, as the small is more like an extra-small and the medium equivalent to a small, and so on. But please note that this is not a negative! This only means that there is also an option well suited to those with very small hands and even younger juniors. The extra-large in this case is the same size as a classic large release aid – so do not worry if you have large hands. Although it may seem ultra-modern and full of new gadgets compared to the 2 previously mentioned release aids, the operational mechanism itself is very simplistic and easy to operate. As mentioned for the Carter models, it is a sturdy and reliable mechanism that offers VERY fine adjustment. This release aid really does offer a size to fit everyone out there, as well as positional adjustments all in one release aid, so it is worth checking out. 

You can choose between:

Stan - Perfex Heavy Metal Release Aid

Stan - Perfex Neck Release Aid


You can find out more about Resistance Release Aids in this article.


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