Team TASH – August 2019 Updates

A very active month for our sponsored athletes; the results of the national and international tournaments they took part in show it. We are so happy with our Team Tash.

A very active month for our sponsored athletes with great results in the national and international tournaments. We are so happy with our Team Tash. Let’s take a look at their great achievements!

Gergo Deak won the Znojmo fita 720 on 10 th August and came 2 nd at the Cere Archers Fita 720 on 17 th August. In
addition, he ranked 7 th on the Czech National Championships and won the fita 720 Start Praha Tournament.

Brett Stringer brought home a haul of Barebow Target Medals; he won silver at British Target Championships, gold at Eastbourne Open, gold at Buckinghamshire Open, gold at SCAS Open (Essex) and gold at Runwell Open.

Michael Kells represented England at the Home Nations in the British Target Champs; shooting an average 90, 70 and 50 he did shoot a PB at 30m, got his 3 rd GMB of the year and helped England to win the Home Nations in compound. He took part in the County Champs in Kent as well.

Yulia Larkins was part of the team representing England who won in both recurve and compound categories at Home Nations match during British Target Championship. Over the bank holiday weekend, she also shot at Stage 6 of National Tour in Belfast; she came 1st in the ranking round with 653 and won gold medal after Head2Heads round.

Lizzie Foster got 1 st place in the Lady compound category at the Killingworth Open.

Malcolm Alexander competed in the British Outdoor Champs; on day 1 he ranked 36th out of 57 in the 70m round and
on day 2 he scored 1160 finishing 27th out of 53.

Fiona Hirst was part of the Northern Area team for Pentangle 2019 in Glasgow.

Rebekah Tipping had an awesome weekend in Belfast, winning two bronze medals at the National Tour Leg 6 and
Tier 2+ Double 720.

Michael Aubrey had a great shooting experience at the European Master Games in Turin. Target: he ranked 3 rd in the rankings and had some great H2H matches to the gold final. Field: he ranked 6th in the rankings and finished 7th overall. He also shot at National Tour Stage 5 Barnsley AC; he ranked 21st in what was a very windy day but he had a great afternoon in the H2H matches finishing with a bronze medal.

Sinead Byrne competed at All Ireland Series; on 17th August she shot a double 720 round qualifying 2nd while on 18th August she shot 720 + H2h rounds qualifying 1st and taking the 2nd place. On 24th and 25th August she took part in the Archery GB National Tour stage 6; on day 1 she qualified 2nd and took gold in H2h while on day 2 she qualified 2nd in the Double 720 round. She took part in Archery N I 1440 metric 2 round as well.

Euan Pride shot at Bannockburn WA1440 on 11th August achieving a gold medal for his category. He also won as part of the Northern Area team for Pentangle 2019 in Glasgow.

Lydia Sinnett-Smith competed in the East Anglian Champs; her good shots led to a gold rose badge claim (1200) and
made her win by a healthy margin taking home a trophy to join her collection.

Ian Brown took part in EFAC in Holland; a great 5 days of shooting on very testing courses.

Harry Mckeown shot WA720 & H2H at Exmouth Archers; new PB for the qualification round 640 (317/323) and first time making a gold medal final.

Jack Lucas shot in 2 competitions this month; during the first one he scored a personal best whilst shooting a Metric 1 while during the second one he shot a Western and finished second as a senior.

Wendy Aubrey took part in the European Master Games in Turin; she shot well in the field and managed to rank 3rd. She also shot field H2H matches which she had never done before so she was really chuffed to come home with a bronze medal.

Marcus Yeoman competed in the Exmouth, WA720 with a Head to Head; he qualified 1st and finished 1st.

Mandi Theron shot the North Gauteng World Archery Championship in Pretoria (South Africa) winning gold and
shooting another personal best.

Saffron Cullen competed in the World Archery Youth Championship 2019 in Madrid; qualification went well giving
her a good seat for the matches.

Katsaitis Panagiotis took part in the 1st European Military Archery Championship in Lamia (Greece).

Magnus Fredriksson finished a 3d championship in Varmland, Sweden; he won the 1st place with really tough
competition from skilled archers coming from all over the country.

Märt Oona won the 2nd place at the Levikom Team Challenge 2019.

Jasmine Simpson placed 1st at the Derbyshire Clout Championships, shot at the County of Worcestershire Championships, set a new PB at the Redditch Windsor and placed 1st on all three days as well as winning junior supreme barebow at the Tri Clout tournament. She claimed the single 2 way Clout record for junior girl barebow U18 at 120 yds, the double 1 way Clout record for junior girl barebow U18 at 120 yds and both the single and double Clout
records for junior girl barebow U18 at 110 meters. This has been her final month shooting as a junior; she is really looking forward to competing as senior.

Vicky Burden shot at the AC DELCO Chris Sherwood Memorial Shoot on 11 th August winning gold in the ladies
compound category. She took part in the DWAA County Championships as well.

Shannon Benton attended The IFAF Nation Championships held at Laois Archery Club; she ended the weekend in 2nd
place in the JFBB-R category.

Hannah Ackland-Snow shot at the Guildford Archers Acorn Tournament over the bank holiday weekend; she won
silver, secured her Junior Master Bowman and picked up her red rose. She also won gold in the junior team which was a
perfect way to end the day.

Martin Krusche attended the Scottish Field Archery Championship 2019 on 24 th August.

Peter Webb got gold in the field competition at The European Master Games in Turin.

Matt Walker competed in the SWWU Summer Slam in Bristol this month.

Megan Costall competed at Barnsley, shooting a Pb in the ranking rounds and placing 14th , and going on to the
individual head to heads 1/4 final.

Saira Chaudhry had 2 days of shooting at the Lizard Peninsula Bowmen’s Summer Bonanza double Hereford shoot.

Paula K Katriina Uusnäkki got the Bowman classification score and beat her last Hereford PB by 50+ points; she
came away with a gold medal.

Lorna Stevens shot at the Worcestershire County Championships winning the open ladies recurve category with her 3 rd
MB score; it was her first score over 1200. She also won bronze at Oxford Archers’ Team Challenge.

Collette Webster took part in the British Target Championships; on day 1 she ranked 10th out of 40 (the highest ranked
female welsh archer) and on day 2 she was selected to compete as part of the Wales Home Nations team finishing in
19th, again the highest placed welsh female archer.

Dominic Collis shot at Wallingford WA720 getting the 8th place and shot at Buckinghamshire Outdoors getting the 2nd.

Gareth Fleming competed in the Pentangle; he came 1st Gents recurve and 2nd mixed Team.

Jessica Pollitt took part in the Cheshire Weekend; day 1 for Jessica was a Metric 4 round scoring 1372 while on day 2 she shot a Hereford (a senior round) for the first time scoring 1035. In addition, the bank holiday weekend Tri-Clout was a successful shoot for her; on Saturday she got 2nd place in the double 2 way 80yd Clout, on Sunday she came 1st place in the double 1 way 80yd, then on Monday she managed a 1st place in the double 1 way 90m Clout.

Well done, ladies and gentlemen! We couldn’t be prouder.
TASH team

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