Team TASH – July 2019 Updates

Our archers thrived during this outdoor season, achieving incredible goals and winning lots and lots of medals.

What a month July has been! Our archers thrived during this outdoor season, achieving incredible goals and winning lots and lots of medals in England as well as abroad. We couldn’t be prouder.

Let’s take a look to all the challenges they took!

Yulia Larkins competed at Kent WA720 with H2Hs; she came first in ranking round with a PB score of 648 and H2Hs also went very well with Yulia getting a gold medal in the ladies recurve category. She also completed Stages 2 and 3 of the 2019 Archery GB National Tour winning bronze Saturday and gold Sunday in the female recurve category. In addition, she won Bronze at Stage 4 of National Tour hosted by Bowmen of Glen.

Lizzie Foster shot at Stage 4 of the National Tour for compounds hosted by Bowmen of Glen.

Gergo Deak ranked first in Vlkos Fita720 on the 7th of July. On the 13th and 14th July, he took part in the National Series Legs 3 in Surrey. He won the 2nd place at Ched Fita720 and finished 3rd and 2nd at the Fita 720 in Prostejov as well.

Michael Kells shot at the Surrey Archery Weekend for Stages 2 and 3 of the 2019 National Tour. He also competed in the compound category at Stage 4 of the National Tour in what was a very windy day and seeded 13th in the ranking round.

Jim Metcalfe took part in the IFAA UK Professional Championship on the 14th of July.

Jon Parris competed at Bronte Archers Double WA1440; he managed to scrape an MB on Sunday and got the 3rd place overall.

Kate Dunnighan competed in the Berlin World Cup.

Malcom Alexander participated in the Northern Area Double 1440 and took the silver medal for the double round.

Rebekah Tipping shot at the Surrey Archery Weekend for National Tour Leg 3; the shots came together nicely to get her into the gold medal match! It was a close match against Yulia Larkins and she came away with silver. She also shot at Bowmen of Glen 2019 for recurves.

Brett Stringer won at Supermarine Double 720 and came 1st Gents Barebow at The Bournemouth Blue Lion. He shot at the Andover Double WA1440 as well, putting in his 3rd and 4th best ever WA1440 scores.

Euan Pride competed in the JNOC in Lilleshall; on Saturday he shot his first Metric and finished in 3rd place gaining a bronze medal, while on Sunday he shot his first Bristol finishing in 5th place. On the 13th and 14th he participated in Banchory double WA1440 at the Northern Area; Sunday’s score was a new PB. Lastly, he took part in the Ayr’s 50th anniversary shoot; on Saturday he shot a Bristol I getting a new PB and on Sunday he shot a Metric I getting a new PB as well.

Lydia Sinnett-Smith shot her first National Tour. She also participated in the Second National Tour Leg 4 hosted by Bowmen of Glen.

Sinead Byrne took part in the Archers Ciaran Campbell Memorial shoot held by COB in Belfast.

Ieuan Thomas had a great weekend representing Wales at the 2019 UKIFAC hosted by Afan Need Archers. A combined score of 1028 gave him the Young Adult British Champion title and helped Team Wales achieve a silver medal in the Home Nations Tournament.

Harry Mckeown shot at National Tour 2019 Stage 2 and 3; 619 qualifying score for Saturday and 626 qualifying score for Sunday (2nd best in competition).

Jack Lucas got some great experience through shooting a WA1440 in the Junior Nationals in which it was his first time shooting 90m in a competition; he was still able to get on the podium in 3rd place.

Wendy Aubrey is getting ready to take part in the European Master Games in Turin.

Michael Aubrey shot at the Royal Toxophilite Society getting a 4th place. On the 13th and 14th took part in the Bronte Archers Double WA1440 finishing 2nd. He is getting ready to fly to Turin to compete in the European Master Games.

Shauna Punjabi participated in the JNOC and won the 2nd place. She got a bronze medal for mixed team and a bronze medal for female cadet team at GB Youth Festival.

Mirran Yule participated in the Junior GB Home Nations. On Saturday she came away with silver while on Sunday she needed to retire due to her neck as a result of the Newcastle incident. However, Mirran injury got a lot better so she could shot in the Scottish junior team at Youth Festival.

Ben Gibson took part in the UK and Ireland Field and Hunter Championships that were held in Wales; he got 3rd place in his category.

Marcus Yeoman participated in Surrey for Stages 2 and 3 of the National Tour. He also shot at Cleve walking away ranking 1st, getting a new county record and his 3rd MB.

Oliver Robinson participated in the Archery GB Junior National Outdoors at Lilleshall; he came 3rd on Saturday and shot 1243 on Sunday achieving 2nd place overall on what was a very hot day. He is shooting at Youth Festival.

Saffron Cullen took part in the World Cup in Berlin. Now it’s down to hard training for the next month to prepare for the Youth World Championships in Madrid.

Mark Sharvin took part in the World Cup in Berlin.

Jaime Rodríguez Campos obtained the 1st position taking part in the “Duque de Riansares” Trophy. He also competed in the outdoors Spanish Absolut Championship that gathers the best archers of the Spanish circuit, finishing on the 33th place.

Itay Shanny won the national cup finals for the second year in a row and got appointed captain of the junior team for another year. He also ranked first in the national ranking for both indoor and outdoor for recurve men category.

Jasmine Simpson shot a Metric 2 and Bristol 2, both at JNOC, as well as a Double Imperial Clout at Coastal Archers. For the Metric 2, she shot a new PB at all 4 distances and added 102 points to her overall PB for the round. At the Coastal Clout, she shot 140 yards and set a new PB.

Shannon Benton attended her very first UKIFAC event this year that was held by Afen Nedd Archers in Aberdulais; she placed second in the JFBB-R category.

Luke Davis came 1st on the Saturday and he came 2nd on the Sunday at JNOC.

Hannah Ackland-Snow shot solidly all day at Cleve securing her second Junior Master Bowman score and just missing Bronze in a strong field.

Shamsul Hussain shot at Kent 720/H2H in Gravesend. He completed National series Stage 2 and 3 at Surrey weekend: first time qualify for knock out stage on both days in the National series since 2015. He also shot at Rayleigh Town Archery Club: SCAS WA 1440 on Saturday and Essex county WA 1440 on Sunday getting both days a PB.

Anna Hunter took part in the Foyle Valley 3D Round in the UK and Ireland Field and Hunter Championships that were held in Wales; she got 1st place in her category.

Peter Webb got the 2nd place at the Cheltenham Archers Double WA70 and the 3rd place at the Overton Black Arrows WA Field Competition. He is getting ready to compete in The European Master Games in Turin.

Daniel Bowman competed in the JNOC at Lilleshall achieving a new personal best and in the Stourbridge Rat’s Ashes. He is taking part at Youth festival.

Jessica Pollitt shot at the Archery GB Junior outdoor Nationals in the U14 lady compound category; she finished in 2nd place on day 1 and in 3rd place on day 2. She is shooting at the Youth Festival.

Megan Costall represented Wales in the Junior Nationals, ranking of 5th. She took part in the Surrey National Tour Stages 2 and 3 and in the Stage 4 as well; she got a new competition personal best.

Rhian Costall shot during the first day of Junior Nationals. She also competed in Surrey for Stages 2 and 3 of the National Tour.

Lorna Stevens shot at the Cleve FITA weekend and got her second MB score.

Terri-Ann Firth shot Archery GB’s Junior National Outdoor Championships. She also won the 1st place at her Year 9 Award Evening for her contributions in archery outside of school.

Dominic Collis had a good weekend shooting at the Kent Archery ranking 6th.

Vicky Burden shot at the Swindon WA 720 and at the DWAA WA 1440; overall PB and 2nd Bowman score for the 1440. She also came 1st ladies compound at The Bournemouth Blue Lion.

Last but not least, we are happy to announce that two more archers have joined our team. A warm welcome to Robert Guy and Nick Thomas!

Congratulations to all of you!

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