Team TASH – September 2019 Updates


Despite the moody September weather, our sponsored archers shined bright like stars.

The month has brought fantastic results all over the country as well as in Europe. Here are the highlights:

Yulia Larkins took part in the last of the National Tour Stages for 2019 at Old Basing winning a bronze medal. Across the 7 Stages she got 3 bronze and 2 gold medals. At the end of the month she shot at National Tour Finals, in Caldicot Castle, Monmouthshire.

Gergo Deak finished the National Series in Basingstoke with a good ranking (9th position). Thorough the rest of the month, he attended a few other competitions in Czechia, obtaining fantastic results: he came 3rd place in Votice and 1st place in no less than 4 competitions: Vrsovice, Cheb, Prostejov and Plzen.

Michael Kells took part in the Gravesend Pocahontas Shoot; he managed to take the big W for Gents compound and a solid GMB score. He also competed in the last Stage of the National Tour.

Jacob Caine competed in the in the National Tour Stage 7 at Old Basing.

Kate Dunnighan took part in the National Tour finals.

Rebekah Tipping shot at Meriden Double 1440 managing a WA1440 PB on day 1. On the 15th of September she competed at the English Field Champs finishing first overall with a score of 612; there was also a head to head part to this event for the John Hartfield Memorial and she came 3rd. At the end of the month she shot at National Tour Finals, in Caldicot Castle, Monmouthshire.

Robert Guy entered the Welsh Field Masters round 5 for September and won; he is gearing up now for the final round. (by the time we published this article he managed to win the round 6, too and to match the record with a max score. Well done, Rob!)

Jamie Rodriguez took part in two Spanish competitions, both with same result: bronze medal. One was a 1440 round at Boadilla and the other the 2nd Parainclusive Olympic Games of Madrid.

Brett Stringer finished his outdoor season managing to get 2nd place at the Hampshire County Outdoor Champs.

Euan Pride shot at Penicuik double 1440 Metric I category; he scored 1265 on Saturday and on Sunday he got a JMB score of 1285.

Itay Shanny took part in the Golden Autumn tournament in Lviv, Ukraine.

Lydia Sinnett-Smith shot at Old Basing for the last National Tour Leg. She also had a super day at Bowmen of Glen shooting a 1440; she got a PB. Lastly, she shot at tri-counties Match and got her first GMB score ever.

Sinead Byrne took 1st place in this year’s 2019 All Ireland Series Senior compound women category.

Ian Brown shot at the National Championship; he won 1st Place AMAFB and 1st Place Traditional Team.

Harry Mckeown shot at Old Basing for stage 7 of the National Tour.

Jack Lucas shot a WA 70 followed by H2H; he managed to make it all the way to the 1/4 finals which was a close match.

Michael Aubrey shot at the Bowmen of Glen.

Mirran Yule competed in the STAFAA Target Championships getting a gold medal and new STAFAA record. She shot a double 1440 metric at Penicuik, where she shot most arrows since her accident. In addition, she shot Balbardie 720 70m h2h at Bathgate and a double 720 60m WRS, last outdoors of the season.

Marcus Yeoman shot the last Stage of the National Series; he fought through shoot offs and managed to finish fourth.

Nick Thomas took part in the The Worshipful Company of Fetchers National Disability Championships where he won Silver. He also shot at the British Blind Sport Outdoor Champs where he got another 2nd place.

Mandi Theron competed in the Greater Gauteng IFAA Spring Champs winning 3rd place and North West IFAA champs getting 2nd place.

Magnus Fredriksson completed the 2019 Swedish Championship in Hunter 3D; this was his second participation in a row and he kept his first place. He also got the highest total score among all archers and classes.

Jasmine Simpson took part in her first round as a senior, throwing herself into the deep end with a 720 and H2H. She also shot her first 1440.

Shamsul Hussain shot at Chairman Cup; first time shooting Albion round and second time shooting imperial round this season; he finished with a gold medal and a new PB.

Martin Krusche won the STAFAA Compound Unlimited (AMFU) Championship 2019 at West Lothian Archers. He also had a great time at Forest Spirit shooting Bowhunter Unlimited; he got his first A score, PB and gold as well.

Daniel Bowman shot the Western (adult) round at the Sheriff’s Western at Stourbridge on the 1st of September. On the 8th he took part in the Meriden AC double WA1440 shooting Metric 2. On the 14th he shot a new PB at Redhill, increasing his score by 102 points and, lastly, on the 21st he shot at the Junior Intercounties as part of the Warwickshire team who placed 3rd.

Matt Walker shot his first Double 1440 at Corus Deeside Archery Clubs World Record Status shoot. He also competed at the Welsh Open in Pembrey, which was the final competition of outdoor season.

Jessica Pollitt competed at the Corus bowmen’s double WA1440 & Metrics; she got a total score of 2770 shooting a double Metric 4 and won the 1st place for the double. She got a new PB on a women’s fita WA 1440 as well.

Megan Costall shot at the Aim 4 Sport competition; she left the first day with a new PB of 613.

Saira Chaudhry shot at the GWAS Intercounties, pleased to have been a part of the winning team.

Collette Webster was off to join Meriden Archery club for a double WA1440 round; she shot a new PB for the whole round and broke the 1200 wall with 1212. She took part in the Chippenham Archers Last Chance competition, on day 1 was a double 720 while on day 2 a new round (WA1440); she finished the second day winning the 2nd place for the round. She also competed in the Welsh Outdoor Championships; she managed to come away with 1211 overall score and win in her category.

Terri-Ann Firth represented Warwickshire at the Junior Intercounties; her team placed 3rd overall.

Dominic Collis beat 600 at a tournament and it was at National Series Stage 7.

Gareth Fleming won Penicuik double1440, East of Scotland Champs (6th year in a row) and Northern area 720.

Vicky Burden took part in the TO’ing for the GWAS Juniors.

Peter Webb finished third in the Bowmen of Glen WRS WA70 & H2H.

Jack Lucas had a good month for trying to improve his release. He travelled all the way down to Southampton to shoot in a WA 70 followed by a H2H.

We couldn’t be prouder!

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