Bohning - Slip-On Compression Armguard

Bohning - Slip-On Compression Armguard

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  • 105290

Made of compression fit nylon with rubber strip for protection, comfort & durability at all times. 

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Bohning - Slip-On Compression Armguard

Protects the forearm throughout the entire shot sequence.

Made of sleek compression-fit nylon, the armguard features a rubber protection piece that is incredibly durable, yet very soft and flexible.

The protective piece is sewn on to the armguard in recessed channels and features a centre cut out for the screen-printed Bohning logo.

Small 8"  long, large end circumference 9" stretched

Medium 9" long, large end circumference 11" stretched

Large 9" long, large end circumference 13" stretched

X-Large 9" long, large end circumference 15" stretched.