Bohning - X3 Vanes 1.75"

Bohning - X3 Vanes 1.75"

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Minimum - 25 pcs

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Bohning - X3 Vanes 1.75" (25x pcs)

New, the X3™ Vane is made of ultra-stiff material for maximum arrow stabilization and quiet flight, with the same profile as the shield cut X Vane.  We recommended it for 3D, indoor spots, Fita and Field.  Like all Bohning vanes, the base of the X3 Vane is pre-primed for optimal adhesion.

Available in 1.75″ and 2.25″

Due to the ultra-stiff material, we recommend using an instant glue and/or a fletching jig with high adhesion force such as Bohning’s Tower Jig or Multi-Fletcher.