Carbon Express - Launchpad Precision Nock (12X PCS)

Carbon Express - Launchpad Precision Nock

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Minimum - 12 pcs

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Carbon Express - Launchpad Precision Nock (12x pcs)

Top shooters know that nocks are an important component of consistent, accurate arrow flight.

This insight led Carbon Express® engineers to develop the patent-pending Launchpad™ precision nock. The Launchpad™ features:

  • Precise contact points for controlled arrow release.
  • Concentric design to center the nock in the arrow shaft for more consistent performance.
  • Aligned nock barrel for true arrow flight.
  • The new Launchpad™ nock delivers precision engineering and perfect balance that ensures superior accuracy for truest flights.

Strength and Durability – All Carbon Express® nocks are made of polycarbonate for strength and durability.