Carbon Express - Maxima PRO RZ Shafts (12pcs)

Carbon Express - Maxima Pro RZ Shafts

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Minimum - 12 pcs

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Carbon Express - Maxima Pro RZ Shafts (12pcs)

The MaximaPro Recurve RZ is a breakthrough arrow design for the recurve archer. Like the Nano-ProTM X-Treme, the Maxima PRO Recurve RZ features a stiffer middle section and weaker ends to provide proper flex to achieve the ideal fletching clearance around the cushion plunger and arrow rest for greater accuracy for recurve shooters. Features BuffTuff construction for extreme durability to withstand the hardest targets.

Larger diameter carbon shaft from Carbon Express. Made for recurve archers.

Key features:

  • For recurve archers looking for larger diameter shaft with no loss of tune.
  • Exploiting Carbon Express' red zone technology, with variable spine down the shaft for increased clearance.
  • Tough and durable finish to stand up to punishing target material.

Technical specifications:

Material: Carbon
Diameter: 0.286" (350 spine)
Grains Per Inch: 5.3-8 (Spine dependent)
Straightness Tolerance:  ±0.0025
Weight Tolerance: ±1.0
Available Spines: 650-350
Included components: None
Optimal for: Recurve WA/ FITA Indoor Archery