Carbon Express - Nano .166 Shafts (12pcs)

Carbon Express - Nano .166 Shafts

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Minimum - 12 pcs

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Carbon Express - Nano .166 Shafts (12pcs)

Carbon Target shaft from Carbon Express.

Product Info for Carbon Express Nano 166 Shafts.
High performance, durable target arrow designed for beginner and intermediate archers. Featuring an ultra-slim .166" ID shaft for reduced wind drift. An ideal choice for all forms of target archery.

Straightness tolerance: +-.006. Available in sizes 600 (8.0 GPI), 700 (7.4 GPI), 800 (6.6 GPI), 900 (6.4 GPI), and 1000 (6.2 GPI). 

Key features:

• Durable shaft made for ambitious beginners and intermediate level archers.
• Small diameter .166 shaft for reduced wind drift.
• Range of spines suited to recurve and lighter poundage bows.
Technical specifications:
Material: 24-ton Carbon
Diameter: 0.230" (600 spine)
Grains Per Inch: 5.5-8 (spine dependent)
Straightness Tolerance:  ±0.006

Available Spines:


Included components:


Optimal for:

Recurve and lighter poundage bows.

Please Note; Shafts only, does not include Fletchings or Nocks.