Carbon Express - Nano-XR Field Shafts (12pcs)

Carbon Express - Nano-XR Field Shafts

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Minimum - 12 pcs

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Carbon Express - Nano-XR Field Shafts (12pcs)

Introduced in 2007, the Carbon Express Nano-XR® was the first target arrow engineered from 40-ton carbon to deliver superior down-range accuracy, strength and consistency shot after shot.

Cross-wind drift is reduced due to its ultra-small diameter, making it the idea arrow for FITA, NNA and NFAA long-distance shooting.

In side-by-side tests, the Nano-XR® consistently out-performed comparable aluminum core carbon arrows in durability, recovery out of the bow, consistency and velocity.

  •     Advanced technology, extreme accuracy.
  •     Straightness: ± 0.0015".
  •     Weight tolerance: ± 1.0 grains.
  •     Spine selection tolerance: ± 0.002".