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Gold Tip - Pierce Tour Shafts (12x pcs)


New for 2017. Small diameter carbon arow shaft from Gold Tip for field and target archers.

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Gold Tip - Pierce Tour Arrow Shafts (12x pcs)

New for 2017. Small diameter carbon shaft from Gold Tip. Optimal for high performance Field and Target shooting.
Long distances and unpredictable wind is no match for the Pierce Tour shaft. 100% Pure Carbon Technology with a micro diameter shaft gives you the durability and the wind resistance you are looking for.

Key features:

  •     High performance, small diameter arrow for drift resistant, long range accuracy.
  •     Durable 100% carbon construction.
  •     Built to the strictest tolerances.
  •     Full range of components available separately for hunting and target to make the arrow the best it can be for your preferred use.
  •     Compatible with Gold Tip's FACT weight system for perfect front-of-centre balance.

Technical specifications:

  • Material:                       Carbon
  • Diameter:                     Small Diameter .166
  • Available Spines:           250-700
  • Grains Per Inch:            700 (5.5 gpi), 600 (6.2 gpi), 500 (6.6 gpi), 400 (7.6 gpi), 340 (8.3 gpi), 300 (9.1 gpi)
  • Straightness Tolerance:  0.001"
  • Weight Tolerance:         +/-  0.5 grains
  • Uncut length (approx):   30" (700-500 spine) or 32" (400-250 spine)
  • Included components:    All components sold separately

The Kinetic Pierce Platinum shaft is the new member of Gold Tip Kinetic family of arrows. Durable, hard-hitting, small diameter shaft that still provides unmatched straightness retention. The Kinetic shafts are engineered to deliver maximum kinetic energy. The surgically accurate, micro diameter, .166 kinetic Pierce Platinum is the wind-defying choice for target shooters and bowhunters that live for long-range shooting and ultimate penetration. Its decreased weight makes it fly fast and flat.


  • Designed as a hunting and outdoor target arrow, performs well at long distances and in the wind
  • 100% Carbon construction offers unmatched durability and straightness retention
  • Straightness tolerance: +/- .0025”
  • Weight tolerance: +/- 5 grains
  • Micro-diameter for ultimate accuracy and penetration
  • Without insert and collar please order separately Insert ID 111652
Size / StraightnessWeight GR/INWeight@29'' SpineLengthO.D.I.D.Recommended Point WeightMSRP
250 (+/-.0025)9.8284.2 gr..250"32".245".166"85 - 125gr194.99
300 (+/-.0025)9.1263.9 gr..300"32".240".166"85 - 125gr194.99
340 (+/-.0025)8.3240.7 gr..340"32".234".166"85 - 125gr194.99
400 (+/-.0025)7.6220.4 gr..400"32".229".166"85 - 125gr194.99
500 (+/-.0025)6.6191.4 gr..500"30".222".166"85 - 125gr194.99

Components available seperately.

  • Accu points  - Glue in points with Gold Tip's F.A.C.T system weight system for tuneable point weight and F.O.C balance
  • Pin nock bushings and nock collars offer increased durability
  • Ballistic Collars available for increased penetration., front-end durability and FOC balance
  • 8/32 broadhead and field point compatible

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Gold Tip - Pierce Tour Shafts (12x pcs)

Gold Tip - Pierce Tour Shafts (12x pcs)

New for 2017. Small diameter carbon arow shaft from Gold Tip for field and target archers.

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