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Gold Tip - Pierce Tour Shafts (12x pcs)


New for 2017. Small diameter carbon arow shaft from Gold Tip for field and target archers.

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Gold Tip - Pierce Tour Arrow Shafts (12x pcs)

New for 2017. Small diameter carbon shaft from Gold Tip. Optimal for high performance Field and Target shooting.
Long distances and unpredictable wind is no match for the Pierce Tour shaft. 100% Pure Carbon Technology with a micro diameter shaft gives you the durability and the wind resistance you are looking for.

Key features:

  •     High performance, small diameter arrow for drift resistant, long range accuracy.
  •     Durable 100% carbon construction.
  •     Built to the strictest tolerances.
  •     Full range of components available separately for hunting and target to make the arrow the best it can be for your preferred use.
  •     Compatible with Gold Tip's FACT weight system for perfect front-of-centre balance.

Technical specifications:

  • Material:                       Carbon
  • Diameter:                     Small Diameter .166
  • Available Spines:           250-700
  • Grains Per Inch:            700 (5.5 gpi), 600 (6.2 gpi), 500 (6.6 gpi), 400 (7.6 gpi), 340 (8.3 gpi), 300 (9.1 gpi)
  • Straightness Tolerance:  0.001"
  • Weight Tolerance:         +/-  0.5 grains
  • Uncut length (approx):   30" (700-500 spine) or 32" (400-250 spine)
  • Included components:    All components sold separately

Excellent and robust

Im a recurver (1200+ 1440) that swapped to compound due to injury, CX Nano's are in my opinion far too expensive and I didnt want to smash up pro tours for much of the same reason. Ive found these arrows to be exceptionally durable and well built. I much prefer the points over the massive CX nanos as they are short and taken up into the shaft, unlike the gigantic CX , theyre adjustable too (not experimented with). They fly well, very well in fact and drift hasnt been an issue. I would point out that (when putting in pins) some were very very tight though none were loose so the plastic bag method doesnt really work, never liked the plastic bag method anyway and cool melt them in regardless. Overall very very pleased with the result and the price and seriously considering them for my recurve setup now that im (almost) mended. I would also add... pounts are very pointy and getting a grip of them is an art (cool melt, dip in hot water " fly fishing cast the arrow to make the point come out a bit, dont do it facing windows or pottery.. or heat and use thread to get behind point just to pull out a bit"


    M Yeoman. Staff SHooter

    I bought these as a change to the conventional Easton Shafts. My aim was to see if I could obtain scores with in my range using something other then the usual brand. First impression was the build and they are solid, well made for the money. You might have to pay attention when building them and follow the guide to ensure that you have a balanced weight range but they go together well and hold well. I also like the fact that Gold Tip thought to supply a collar to protect the shaft so that you get more from them. Shooting the Gold Tips is fun, they fly well and have a flatter trajectory then my other arrows I have gained on my sight marks. They do fly fast and I have to say if your not on point shooting they will show your faults. However having said this I have gained some points and I have shot well in to the 1300's on a 1440 and 680's on a double 720. I started to use these over half the way through the outdoor season, I have no doubt that I will start next season with these. Certainly an affordable alternative.

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      Gold Tip - Pierce Tour Shafts (12x pcs)

      Gold Tip - Pierce Tour Shafts (12x pcs)

      New for 2017. Small diameter carbon arow shaft from Gold Tip for field and target archers.

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