Easton - X10 Shafts (12pcs) View larger

Easton - X10 Shafts (12pcs)


Small diameter barrelled profile resists wind drift better than any other type of arrow.

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Easton - X10 Shafts  (12pcs)

Small diameter barrelled profile resists wind drift better than any other type of arrow.

  • Barrelled design
  • High-strength carbon fiber bonded to a 7075 alloy core
  • 9-micron polished black carbon finish
  • Guaranteed straightness: ±.0015”
  • Weight tolerance: ± 0.5 grains
  • Components—sold separately

If you would like us to build your arrows, you can choose to order the ready built X10 arrows, or place all the components into your basket and also the arrow making service.


SizeShaft WeightSpine @28" SpanStock LengthMaximum Trim AmountRecommended Point Weight Range
Grains Per InchDeflection in InchesInchesInchesGrains
10005.31.00028No Limit90-110
9005.80.90028No Limit90-110
8306.20.83028.5No Limit90-110

Please note:

Due to the barrell design of the X10 shafts, weight is an average grains-per-inch of a 29" shaft.

Shaft weight is slightly heavier in the larger diameter center toward th etapered ends. One inch of shaft cut from the point end typically weighs 6-7 grains.

Recommended that no more than the suggested length be cut from the front of the shaft.


Superb Arrows

There is a reason why you see X10s at all the major events. These arrows are fantastic and durable compared to other Easton AC arrows I've personally shot. Whilst they are heavier than ACEs I find them more stable in the wind as the mass helps reduce the wind drift of the arrows.

Not a starting arrow but if you have settled on a setup and want a high preforming arrow and you are between the ACE and X10. I would highly recommend going for the X10s


    Nice but heavy

    Top of the range arrow, stylish design. Very happy when I bought them and very happy to have them in my quiver but I tell people to buy ACG's or ACE's until they can shoot well enough to use these. Your sight mark will suffer due to the extra weight.

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      Easton - X10 Shafts (12pcs)

      Easton - X10 Shafts (12pcs)

      Small diameter barrelled profile resists wind drift better than any other type of arrow.

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