Carter - Convertible Release Aid

Carter - Convertible Release Aid

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The new Convertible from Carter Enterprises is a unique release aid.


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Carter - Convertible Release Aid

The brand new Convertible from Carter Enterprises is a unique release aid. It hands you the keys to multiple trigger finger options in a single trigger release.

You can shoot with the two or three-finger standard handle thumb activation or – with a simple 180-degree flip of the release and the thumb knob – you can be sending arrows toward your desired target with a third finger activation.

If you begin to form bad habits and start to have that “punchy” feel with the thumb trigger, this is when the option to go into the third finger activation really shines. With a removable variable-position Adjusto Trigger that doubles as either a pulling peg or a thumb trigger, the Convertible could be a great fit to your archery arsenal and help improve your groups in a hurry.