Competition Archery - Pro Pin Points (12 Pcs)

Competition Archery - CXL Pro Pin Points

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Minimum - 12 pcs

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Competition Archery - CXL Pro Pin Points (12 Pcs)

The CXL PinPoints from Competition Archery are ideal for indoor target competitions. These glue-in points use a needle nose, which will catch and readily follow holes already in the X ring.

The weights vary by only about .1 grains from point to point, so you can easily balance each arrow in your quiver.

• Newly designed points for indoor target competition
• Heavier, durable steel, glue-in points using "Pin Point Technology"
• Unmatched weight tolerances (± .1 gr) for unparalleled consistency and accuracy
• Sold in a dozen pack

Glue in point from Competition Archery Products

Key features:

  • Designed for indoor target shooting
  • Manufactured from quality, hardened steel
  • Built to the tightest possible weight tolerances
  • Cone shape gives the cleanest possible entry into the boss, minimising negative deflections from uneven bosses
  • Fixed weight
  • Designed to fit Carbon Express CXL shafts 350 and 250 spine

Weight: 150 grain, 180 grain and 200 grain