Delta McKenzie - Speed Bag Target

Delta McKenzie - Speed Bag Target 24"

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Delta McKenzie - Speed Bag Target 24"

Speed Bag™ targets use exclusive hydro-press internal composition for added durability and arrow stopping power.  High contrast graphics for quick target acquisition.  Designed to stop all arrows and bolts shot from even the fasts bows and crossbows.

Key features:

  • Exclusive process makes for added durability and increased stopping power.
  • Tough enough for highest speed crossbows and compounds.
  • For use with field tipped arrows only.
  • Loads of aiming points.

Technical specifications:

  • Material: Other
  • Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 25cm / 24" x 24"x 10"
  • Number of Parts: 1
  • Stand: Freestanding