Easton - Deep Six Injexion FMJ Shafts 

Easton - 4mm FMJ Injexion Shafts

  • Model:
  • 108530

Minimum - 12 pcs

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Easton - 4mm FMJ Injexion Shafts (12x pcs)

Easton Full Metal Jacket and ultra-micro Injexion arrows have quickly become bowhunters' first choice for big-game lethality.  Combining a full metal jacket and micro-diameter carbon core, Deep Six Full Metal Jacket arrows maximise kinetic energy, accuracy and penetration.

Key Features:

  • Deepest penetration down range
  • Lowest amount of wind drift
  • 56% more KE Density
  • Micro-smooth aerospace alloy surface provides easier removal from tough, high-density targets.
  • Small-diameter and thick-wall carbon-fiber core with Hidden Insert Technology for deeper penetration and more durability.
  • A 7075-T6 metal jacket gives more consisten spine, straightness, and weight than all-carbon arrows.
  • Aerospace alloy surface provides easy removal from high density targets
  • Permanent finish
  • Delivers more accuracy than any other broadhead insert.
  • Provides full contact between broadhead shank and shaft wall for added strength and tighter groups.
  • Uses ultra-small diameter arrow shafts to deliver more kinetic energy and penetration power.
  • Features easy, precise installation. Patent-pending insert system.
  • This product was made in the USA.

Technical Specification:

  • Available Sizes, 280, 330, 400 & 460.
  • 4mm ultra-micro diameter carbon core with 7075 alloy metal jacket
  • Pre-installed 4mm (G) Deep Six nocks
  • 4mm (G) Deep Six threaded steel HIT inserts included
  • Easy target pull
  • Straightness: +/- .002"


Size Shaft Weight (GPI) Spine Stock length (Inch) Deep Six field Point 100/125 Grain
460 9 0.46 31 DP6-4
400 9.8 0.4 31.5 DP6-4
330 11 0.33 32 DP6-5
280 12 0.28 32.5 DP6-5