Easton - Avance Sport Arrows

Easton - Avance Sport Arrows

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  • 118260

Minimum - 12 pcs

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Easton - Avance Sport Arrows (12x pcs)

Easton’s new Avance Sport 4MM arrows are an all-carbon target arrow intended to fit in the middle of the outdoor target archery market. Avance and Avance Sport share the same carbon construction and are then sorted into by straightness.

The Avance Sport carries a +/- .006” straight spec, ideal for novice level archers looking for lightweight performance in a less expensive arrow.

The Avance series is available in a wide selection of spine sizes that cover tuning ranges for recurve and compound archers over a broad range of bow styles, draw lengths and poundages. The durable, all-carbon construction of the Avance nets an arrow that is lighter than previous Easton offerings, allowing for top level performance and greatly benefiting the entry-level to intermediate-level target archer.


  • 4MM all-carbon target archery arrows
  • Avance Sport +/-.006” straightness
  • Designed to offer high performance to entry-level and intermediate-level recurve and compound archers
  • Lighter weight than previous category arrows (Carbon One and Apollo)
  • Available in 16 sizes from 340-2000
  • 6x pieces


  • 4mm Microlite nocks.
  • 2,3" Easton Diamond Vanes- colours may vary from that pictured.
  • Note - Points NOT Included - please purchase separately.