Easton - SuperDrive 23 Carbon Shafts - Super Nock Fitting (12pcs)

Easton - SuperDrive 23 Carbon Shafts - Super Nock Fitting

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Easton - SuperDrive 23 Carbon Shafts - Super Nock fitting (12pcs)

SuperDrive 23 is the World Archery Maximum Compliant Diameter carbon performance shaft for shooters looking for success with indoor and 3D competition. World Archery Maximum Compliant Diameter, three spines suitable for most compound and some recurve setups. 
High-performance, light-mass, high-strength all-carbon shaft using proven Superdrive construction.

Key features:

  • Maximum diameter shaft for WA/ FITA archery.
  • Lightweight, high strength and high-performance carbon shaft.
  • Adjustable weight stainless steel points available separately for perfect tuning.
  • With Super UNI bushing (fits Easton Super Nock - sold separately)

Technical specifications:

  • Material: Carbon
  • Diameter: Maximum Diameter WA/ FITA 
  • Grains Per Inch: 7.43-6.35 (Spine dependent)
  • Straightness Tolerance: ± .002
  • Weight Tolerance: ± 1
  • Available Spines: 575-325
  • Uncut length (approx): 
  • Included components: UNI Bushing
  • Optimal for: WA/ FITA Indoor Archery and 3D


Adjustable stainless steel point system, offering 90-200 grains adjustment with interchangeable weight modules.



Also Available:

  • Competition Archery Products Pro Point Nockbuster Point in 100 and 125 grains for ultimate performance. (CAP Pro Points available directly from Easton)
  • Available Easton 1-piece bullet points in 100 and 125 gr