Eleven - Spartan Ecowave Foam Target Boss (60, 80 cm)

Eleven - Spartan Ecowave Foam Target Boss (60, 80 cm)

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  • 110028

Eleven - Spartan Ecowave Foam Target Boss.
Available sizes: 60 x 60 x 7 cm and 80 x 80 x 7 cm


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Eleven - Spartan Ecowave Foam Target Boss

As arrow and bow technology is rapidly developing it is necessary to have a new generation of targets on the archery market. Eleven now invented the Ecowave targets. The ecowave name reflects the reduced ecological footstep we leave since the 80% of the weight is recycled material. The Eco also reflects that this product is economically correct for the customer, since it is cheaper than any other solution of this high quality.

Eleven has put all available knowledge and required material in this product to achieve:

  •     Arrow stop at any weather condition
  •     Arrow saving technology (longer arrow life)

To achieve the listed features above, a high density shred of recycled material is used. High density means heavier targets. Ecowave is heavier than the Start Targets of the same size.

These Eleven Ecowave Targets can be used in combination with the Eleven Start Target Holders.