Eli - P3 Parabolic Vanes (50 pcs)

Eli - P3 Parabolic Vanes

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Eli - P3 Parabolic Vanes (50 pcs)

High performance plastic vanes from Eli of Italy. Unusual helicoidal shape with a radical curl.

Each pack contains 50 Vanes.

Eli believe these vanes can offer:

  • Increased rotation on the longitudinal axis of the arrow.
  • Improved stabilisation of arrows through a greater degree of interaction with longitudinal airflow.
  • Higher resistance to wind drift, thanks to a smaller lateral profile.
  • All of the above leads to increased speed and precision, for the perfect shot.

Especially designed for FITA Round and 70m Round.

  • P1 The very low profile and the small surface make this vane suitable for high level compound archers.
  • P2 Especially designed for compound archers with a good technique, or for those who want an easily manageable vane.
  • P3 This profile is suitable for archers of every division (recurve, compound and barebow). If it is applied with a slight tilt angle it can be used even for the indoor season.