Essentials Archery - Competition Pin Nocks

Essentials Archery - Competition Pin Nocks

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Minimum - 12 pcs

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Essentials Archery - Competition Pin Nocks (12x pieces) 

The Competition Nock has a smooth nock bed for a longer durability of the center serving.

The nock fits on pins from all manufacturers. Whether TopHat, Easton, Carbon Express or GoldTip etc. the nock fits.

There is also an indicator for the alignment of the nock on the side and on the underside of the nock

The indicator perpendicular to the nock bed can be turned to the weak side of the arrow. The line on the arrow can now always be precisely aligned with the nock. This also helps with the precise fletching of the arrows.

The side indicator is now always on the shooters side. So the arrow can be nocked int the right direction right without looking at it.

Compared to other nocks, the Competition Nock is shorter overall. This contributes to a straighter acceleration of the arrow. The longer the nock, the more each deviation of the components used (arrow, pin and nock) affects the direction of the first pulse of the acceleration of the arrow. Here you can counteract with the shorter Competition Nock.


  • Made in Germany