Fairbow - Manchu 69" Chinese Recurve Horsebow

Fairbow - Manchu 69" Chinese Recurve Horsebow

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  • Fairbow-Manchu

Fairbow - Manchu 69" Chinese Recurve Horsebow


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Fairbow - Manchu 69 Chinese Recurve Horsebow

The Manchu Bow is a 69 Chinese Recurve Horse Bow from Fairbow.

This bow has bridges etc attached and is finished in a semigloss varnish. Comes with a fitting endless B-50 served string. These bows will comfortably do 34 inch, draw weight is measured at 28 inch.


  • Length: 69
  • Maximum recommended draw length: 34
  • Bow weight: 20-50lbs
  • Material: 2-5 layers of tempered bamboo cores, Gordon Bo-tuff glass, hardwood riser, hardwood grip, Wooden Siya's, Hardwood string bridges
  • Mono colour glass on both side (black/brown/white/green)
  • Varnished: Satin to matt 2k varnish

Comes with:

  • Flemish Dacron string
  • Bow-bag

1 year guranatee.

Please note: the picture might differ from the delivered bow (colours). Manchu Bows are known for the difficulty in stringing them, and the need for very heavy arrows (at least 10 grain per pound). Damage due to twisting or torgueing the bow is not covered by our warranty.