Fitz Archery - 8125G Recurve Bow String (Single Colour)

Fitz Archery - 8125G Recurve Bow String (Single Colour)

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  • Fitz-Single-Recurve

High-performance, quality strings from Fitz Archery. 8125G single colour recurve strings.

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Fitz Archery - 8125G Recurve Bow String Single Colour

Fitz Strings has incorporated modern materials with tried and tested techniques; with this mix of methods, Fitz Strings can bring you a high performance and a quality, lasting look throughout our range of strings.

Identifying the week points of any recurve string, Fitz Strings are designed around eliminating these problem areas by placing knots at critical spots throughout the string and with strategic placing of serving to reinforce Fitz Strings, this gives the confidence to guarantee performance alongside a pleasing finish.

Original and modern, Fitz Strings won’t let you down.

  • For 66", 68" and 70" bow Length: 
  • Material: 8125G
  • Strands: 14, 16 or 18
  • Type: AMO (standard) / Hoyt

Please note, 18 strands fits large groove nocks.