Fivics - Polite 2 Cordovan Finger Tab

Fivics - Polite 2 Cordovan Finger Tab

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Fivics - Polite 2 Cordovan Finger Tab

The Fivics Polite 2 Cordovan Finger Tab has an ergonomic 3D design, that facilitates movement to draw and release strings by using two fingers.

A string should be released by moving the index, middle, and ring finger equally. This high quality tab can aid in preventing you from releasing the string in a way that the force distribution of the fingers will be incorrect. It prevents mistakes made by using the ring finger by only using the index and middle finger.

This increases the force distribution on these fingers, which makes them more accurate.


  1. Premium Ergonomic 3D Design
  2. Emphasizes the sense of unity in your hands.
  3. Absolute stability, accuracy and sense of unity of hooking.
  4. 5 Distribution and support of the optimal force by using all fingers.
  5. Aluminium & anodising surface treatment.
  6. High quality leather “G3 system” - 1. Cordovan face; 2.New Hyperon waterproof rubber layer - preventing slip between leather layers; 3. Cowhide backing layer.


Available sizes / colours:

  •     Large - Blue
  •     Medium - Red
  •     Small - Gold
  •     XS - Purple