Flex - Fletch - No Prep 225 Parabolic Vanes (12x pcs)

Flex - Fletch - No Prep 250 Parabolic Vanes (12x pcs)

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Minimum Purchase Quantity - 12x pieces.

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Flex - Fletch - No Prep 250 Parabolic Vanes (12x pcs)

Plastic vane from Flex-Fletch Products.

Key features:

  • Completely No-Prep design. Proper adhesion without cleaning with all superglues.
  • Incredibly durable plastic vane with a great memory letting it return to its original shape even when shot through bosses.
  • Parabolic shape.
  • Low profile design to minimise wind drift.
  • Unique plastic dampens arrow oscillation and acts a shock absorber.
  • Pack of 12.
  • Large selection of colours available.

Technical Specifications:

  • Length 2.5 inch
  • Height 0.350 inch
  • Weight 4.6 grains