Flex-Fletch - Zing! Premium Adhesive (1oz)

Flex-Fletch - Zing! Premium Adhesive (1oz)

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An ultra-durable blend, suitable for everyday applications.

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Flex-Fletch - Zing! Premium Adhesive (1oz)

An ultra-durable blend, suitable for everyday applications.  Available in 1 oz. size.

By using this glue along with their ZING Primer, you get an unrivalled bond that is so strong you can't tear it off without ruining your vane!

The ZING System allows for a quick initial set time that bonds the vanes to the arrow which and then translates to a more secure bond as it cures!

Key Features:

  • Fast bond adhesive for those who need to fletch fast. 
  • Ideal for your everyday fletching needs. 
  • Made Specifically for Flex-Fletch Vanes
  • Dries clear unlike cloudy competitors