Gas Pro - 2" Shield Field Vanes (50 pcs)

Gas Pro - 2" Shield Field Vanes

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Minimum - 50 pcs

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Gas Pro - 2" Shield Field Vanes (50 pcs)

Born as the result of the collaboration between GAS PRO and Top Flight Archery and marketed by Dissegna Sports Distribution srl since July first 2010, in less than a year the Gas Pro vanes won international tournaments, established world records and above all offered, and offer everyday, excellent satisfactions to all the archers.

The strengths that made these brilliant results possible can be summarised in three unparalleled features:

  • SPIN shape that aids a better group;
  • LIGHT weight that improves speed;
  • GAS PRO that means new generation materials.


In order to get the maximum advantage from the research of new shapes and contours it is of primary importance the choice of the materials. The GAS PRO vanes are produced with exclusive and extremely resilient materials that maintain their shape both during flight and during time.

Thanks to this unique mix of features GAS PRO vanes offer a range of products ready to meet even the archers' most demanding requirements.

Field Efficient

Thought for recurve and compound bows both for indoor and outdoor shooting, this product stabilises the flight immediately after the release.

Length 2''
Profile Shield
Stiffness Medium (up to 45#) - Hard (up to 70#)
Hand RH - LH
Weight Medium 1 grains - Hard 1.4 grains
Colour Black, White, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Fluorescent Green.