Gold Tip - FluFlu Feather Wrapped Arrows (12x pcs)

Gold Tip - FluFlu Feather Wrapped Arrows

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  • 108672

Minimum - 6 pcs

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Gold Tip - FluFlu Feather Wrapped Arrows (6x pcs)

Gold Tip’s spirally-wrapped "Twister" is a feather-fletched, flu-flu arrow designed to minimize flight distance to ensure arrow recovery when hunting small game or shooting aerial targets. Constructed with a small diameter, thick-walled 100% carbon shaft for maximum durability, the Twister Flu-Flu is built to "put ‘em down and still be found."

Attention: We would like to inform you that points are not included, but are sold separately.

Warning: Spirally-wrapped, feather-fletching is not recommended for use in "full capture' style arrow rests. Doing so may result in excessive damage to the feather fletching of this product.

  • Colour:Black
  • Inner diameter:.246"
  • Factory Length:30"
  • Straightness:.006"
  • Accu-Tough Nock
  • Accu-Tough Insert (Installed)


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PLEASE NOTE: Hunting with the bow and arrow in the UK is prohibited in the UK since 1965.